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HELLO, My Name IS Adam and I am a future architect! 

I created this website to share my love for architecture/design and to showcase my work from my 6 years of architectural education (B.A.S. & M.Arch).


Great architecture/design has the potential to inspire future generations while improving people's lives, their greater communities and the world as a whole.  Enjoy!

Featured Projects

This thesis project identifies issues with the global food network, identifying how architecture can be designed in order to consider food sovereignty.  The project looks at Regent Park in Toronto’s East end, a neighbourhood with a vast history of food sovereignty dating back to the mid 1800’s when the area was known as South Cabbagetown...

The Brewery Block in Sault Ste. Marie represented a unique opportunity to renovate a historical brewery within the town while proposing a mix-use development. In addition to the brewery,  two residential towers were designed to support affordable housing...

Craft Studio: 
Wegner Chair,
Table &Pavilion

The CH 23.1 design incorporates key features of the original CH23 chair by Danish designer Hans Wegner while further refining some key elements. The chair was studied within Masters 1 studio and included a trip to Denmark to further understand Wegner’s design... 

The design of the student residence in downtown Sudbury incorporates building integrated agriculture in order to establish a local food source within a northern city. The main concept focused on...


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