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Craft Studio: 
Wegner Chair,
Table &

The CH 23.1 design incorporates key features of the original CH23 chair by Danish designer Hans Wegner while further refining some key elements. The chair was studied within Masters 1 studio and included a trip to Denmark to further understand Wegner’s design intentions and construction techniques. Similar to the original design, this version uses Danish paper chord to construct the double woven seat showcasing the unique double side rails. Maple and black walnut wood were used in order to provide a simplistic contrast. The design modifications are a critique of the original design, as Wegner chose to hide his connections from the viewer. The new design exposes the connections using dowel joints in order to create a design that showcases its construction.

Wegner Table

In association with the individual Wegner chairs, the studio group assembled 2 custom Wegner inspired tables utilizing maple and black walnut. The table took inspiration from the CH23 chair as well as the wishbone chair. 

Wegner Pavillion


The furniture was created in order to populate the Wegner inspire Pavillion showcased at the International Wood Educators Conference hosted by Laurentian University in September 2019.The Pavillion was intented to scale up the fine wood working connections each student had refined working on their individual chair. The pavillion utilizes a unique truss which incoporate complex laps while being supported by a central king post and wishbone inspired columns.

Regent Park
Urban Farm
Brewery Block
Birch bark
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