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3D Printed

Completed as part of a master's seminar class, the goal of the course was to utilize a traditional material (ceramic) as part of an innovative wall assembly. Our group of 4 was inspired by the movement of water and living wall assemblies in order to improve building performance. After dozens of iterations, we developed the ripple wall concept. The wall utilizes small ripples to collect moisture in the air as well as larger ripples to capture rainfall. Once collected, the ripples direct the water to planters which are integrated within the wall assembly. Grasshopper in association with Rhino was used in order to 3D print each brick. Each print was simulated in order to ensure no errors occurred. The brick was intended to be structural in nature and has several internal chambers that would be used as air and insulation layers. 

Regent Park
Urban Farm
The Iceberg investigation into acm
Masters Craft Studio
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