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The design is intended to communicate Sudbury’s history through materiality and building expression. Most noticeably, the corten steel exterior, once oxidized will begin to blend with the surrounding rock formations. This geological aspect is heightened by the form of the building, as it juts out from a cliff face, resembling the shatter cones that can be found throughout the Sudbury Basin. The primary ecological regions of the area (Junction Creek, the rock face, and the forest) are reflected on the interior of the structure through the use of three different materials; glass, slate floors, and wood cladding. The building presents a warm and welcoming environment for visitors to the park while offering an ecological history of Sudbury through open ecology classrooms.

Water Refill Station

Additionally, the Project focused on developing an ecologically friendly water refill station for the visitors throughout the park. The system utilizes bioswales that collect rain runoff while acting as retaining walls, slowing down the process of erosion along the path. The bioswales are filled with native plant species to purify the rainwater while providing an additional aesthetic benefit along the path. The water is naturally purified by the bioswale until it drains into a perforated pipe that leads to the reserve tank and an additional filter. The system is connected to two main water sources; the primary source is the recycled rainwater collected, with an additional source available from nearby Junction Creek. 

Regent Park
Urban Farm
Brewery Block
Masters Craft Studio
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